How WØRKS uses student loan repayment to help employees without lifting a finger.

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The problem

Marc Moran, partner and executive producer at WØRKS was looking for a more effective way to compensate his employees. He knew that debt was a major stressor for his employees, especially those with student debt, and wanted to be able to offer an impactful benefit that would help them have more disposable income and increase their overall happiness.

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The results

With Highway, Marc was able to effectively tackle the #1 pain point for his employees with student debt, without having to add any extra work to his plate. He loves that WØRKS' student loan repayment benefit is able to run on its own with Highway but still makes a significant impact on his employees' financial and emotional well-being. With their benefit, WØRKS has saved its employees $13K in student loan principal and interest payments while giving employees a clear line of sight to being debt-free.


Time spent managing Highway
Money saved for employees
Participation among employees w/ student loans

WØRKS is a New York-based creative agency dedicated to the process of cultural advancement through inter­dis­ci­pli­nary design. They partner with big brands, municipalities, and nonprofits to ideate and execute on all manner of creative projects. Past clients include Nike, Converse, Equinox, LVMH, and Beyonce. 

Working with Highway

When WØRKS partner and executive producer, Marc Moran, first heard about employer student loan repayments, he thought it was a fantastic benefit. He knew that managing student loans was the #1 pain point for his employees with student loans and loved that a student loan repayment benefit was a highly effective way to eliminate a significant stressor for employees, help them have more disposable income, and increase their overall happiness. He decided to run a pilot program with Highway and start by offering a $100 monthly contribution to interested, eligible employees. 

After three months, Marc realized the benefit made such a strong impact on his employees’ financial well-being that he wanted to increase the contribution amount. Through Highway, Marc was able to amend WØRKS’ benefit plan and add a second, higher, contribution tier without any interruption to WØRKS’ benefit. The whole process took minutes. 

“If only filing your taxes was as easy as working with Highway”

- Marc Moran

As executive producer, Marc loves that he’s able to add an impactful benefit without adding any extra work to his plate. With Highway, WØRKS’ student loan repayment benefit runs seamlessly in the background, allowing Marc to continue to focus on the creative projects at WØRKS. 

Employee Reactions

WØRKS’ employees with student loans love the set-it-and-forget nature of the platform for employees too. 

Roy Cranston, a designer at WØRKS, appreciated how easy it was to get set up with Highway. Knowing that Highway was automating his employer’s contributions gave him peace of mind and meant that he didn’t need to stress anymore about paying his student loans each month. 

Roy was able to significantly pay down his student loans during the pandemic thanks to the contributions from WØRKS and is now just a few payments away from fully paying off his student debts.

“Highway has given me peace of mind regarding my loans and helped me understand what the path looked like for paying them off"

- Roy Cranston, participating employee

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