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Tackle your student debt with help from your employer

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How it works

Companies can make tax-free contributions directly to employees' student loans with a student loan repayments benefit!

If your company offers student loan repayments through Highway: 

Enroll in your company's benefit plan
Connect your student loans to Highway
As long as you're eligible, you'll receive monthly contributions* paid directly to your student loan account!
*How often you receive contributions will depend on your company's benefit plan. Login to view your plan details

If your company does NOT offer student loan repayments: 

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How much could employer contributions help you?

On a $30,000 student loan with a 10-year term and 5.5% interest rate...

...even $50 extra each month from your employer, could save you $1,628 in interest and help you pay off your loan almost 2 years faster

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