How New Beginnings Psych quickly and easily scaled Highway as needed

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The problem

In early 2023, Andrea Mendez, owner of New Beginnings Psych, was looking for a way to help her employees with one of their biggest sources of financial stress: student loans. As it seemed federal student loan forbearance would definitely end soon, she wanted to be able to quickly get a program up and running so that her team could take advantage of federal student loan forbearance and pay down their loans before interest resumed.

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The results

With Highway, Andrea was able to quickly establish and launch New Beginnings Psych’s student loan repayment benefit in <2 weeks. Once the benefit was live, 100% of New Beginnings Psych employees with student loans enrolled in the benefit.


Time from first call to launch
Participation rate among employees w/ student loans
Percentage of company with student loans

New Beginnings Psych is a Maryland-based therapy group that helps kids, teens, and adults with various mental health concerns. 

Working with Highway

Therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists often have a large amount of student debt due to the degree requirements and intensive years of training required to become licensed. According to the American Psychologists Association, the median debt for psychologists is over $100K! So when Andrea Mendez, the owner of New Beginning Psych, learned about employer student loan repayments as a benefit, it seemed like the perfect benefit to offer to debt-laden employees. 

"My experience with Highway has been absolutely awesome! My employees now have a valuable benefit that is easy to set up, easy to manage, and fairly priced. We recommend Highway without reservation!"

- Andrea Mendez, Founder of New Beginnings Psych

New Beginnings Psych reached out to Highway in mid-late January 2023 to set up their employer student loan repayment benefit and were able to get up and running by February 1st, 2023. While their benefit was live with Highway, New Beginnings Psych saw a 100% participation rate among employees who were eligible.  

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